Sep, 2017 
We are excited to welcome 19 new graduate students to the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. They are Xin Chang, Zhiqiang Chen, Hongfang Li, Lulu Li, Bin Liu, Rui Liu, Sihang Liu, Tao Liu, Jieli Wang, Meilin Wang, Shujie Wang, Xianhui Wang, Quan Xiao, Yufei Xie, Xintong Yuan, Gong Zhang, Xianhua Zhang, Chen Zhao and Jing Zhao. Welcome!

Prof Wang has been appointed as Subject Editor of Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge on the various topics and technologies of renewable energy systems and components. The journal aims to serve researchers, engineers, economists, manufacturers, NGOs, associations and societies to help them keep abreast of new developments in their specialist fields and to apply alternative energy solutions to current practices.

Aug, 2017 
Prof Gong has been listed as one of the Top 1% highly cited Chinese researchers in general chemistry by RSC. Congratulations!

Prof Gong has been appointed as an Associate Editor of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

Prof Wang receives NSFC Young Talent Award. Congratulations!

May, 2017 
Zhiqi, Xinyu, Ke, Yijia, Shengnan and Sika passed their dissertation defense. Congrats!

Apr, 2017 
Xiaoxia is elected as SciFinder Future Leader. The program select only 24 Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers from around the world to collaborate with CAS scientists, innovators, and business leaders to expand their professional network and build connections.Congratulations!

Mar, 2017 
Chengcheng's work on "Surviving High-Temperature Calcination: ZrO2-Induced Hematite Nanotubes for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation" is highlighted by Advanced Science News (Wiley). Congrats, Chengcheng!

Feb, 2017 
Zhiqi is elected to attend the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Congrats, Zhiqi!

Welcome Dr. Janewit Phromprasit to visit our research lab for the collaborative research between Tianjin University and Chulalongkorn University. The research topic is hydrogen production from sorption enhanced ethanol steam reforming using multifunctional catalysts. Feel free to discuss with Janewit about reforming catalyst and CO2 sorbent.  

Jan, 2017 
Xiaoxia's work on “Enhanced Surface Reaction Kinetics and Charge Separation of p–n Heterojunction Co3O4/BiVO4 Photoanodes” is selected as ESI Hot Article (0.1%). 

Dec, 2016 
Prof Gong has been elected as Changjiang Chair Professor by the Ministry of Education. Congratulations! 

Nov, 2016 
Congratulate Xiaoxia Chang, Ang Li, Jijie Zhang and Xinyu Li on receiving the National Scholarship! 

Oct, 2016 
Prof Gong has been appointed as an editorial advisory board member of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering invites Letters, Articles, Features, and Perspectives (Reviews) that address challenges of sustainability in the chemical enterprise and advance principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.

Ang's work on "Synergy between Thin Heterojunction and Spatially Separated Cocatalysts to Simultaneously Reduce Bulk and Surface Recombination for Photocatalysis" is highlighted by Materials Views (Wiley). Congrats, Ang!

Sep, 2016 
We are excited to welcome 13 new graduate students to the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. They are Wanyu Deng, Shijia Feng, He Li, Kang Li, Sier Sang, Jimin Song, Guishuo Wang, Qi Wang, Yanan Wang, Yihe Wang, Chuanye Xiong, Piaoping Yang, and Wenjin Zhu. Welcome!

Professor Gong wins the 2017 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship AwardThe awards recognize early career (first 10 years or less) investigators' research contributions to green chemistry, green engineering, and sustainability in the chemical enterprise from three geographic regionsProf. Gong is the only laureate for Asia/Pacific, honored for development of chemical technologies for sustainable hydrogen production and CO2 capture and conversion, and green approaches for self-assembly of multicomponent hybrid nanostructures. In partnership with the ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Division, Prof. Gong will be honored in a symposium at the 253rd ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, California, April 2−6, 2017.

July, 2016 
Professor Gong has been appointed as advisory editorial board member for Advanced Materials Interfaces. Advanced Materials Interfaces is a member of the Advanced Materials family of journals and focuses particularly on surfaces and interfaces and their importance in materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, life sciences and medicine.

June, 2016 
Our group receives funding support for CO2 utilization from the National Key Research and Development Program during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period. Prof. Gong has been appointed as the Chief Scientist. Congrats!!!

May, 2016 
Xiaoxia's work on "Stable Aqueous Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction by Cu2O Dark Cathode with Improved Selectivity for Carbonaceous Products" is highlighted by Materials Views.
Highlighted by Materials Views: "Turning Greenhouse Gas to Valuable Carbonaceous Products in High Yield,” May 27, 2016.

Di and Gang passed their master's dissertation defense. Congrats!

Zhiqi's paper on "Synthesis of Platinum Nanotubes and Nanorings via Simultaneous Metal Alloying and Etching" is selected as Cover Article by JACS. His paper on "Collapsed Polymer-directed Synthesis of Multicomponent Coaxial-like Nanostructures" is also accepted by Nature Commun. Congrats!

April, 2016 
Xiaoxia's paper on "Stable Aqueous Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction by Cu2O Dark Cathode with Improved Selectivity for Carbonaceous Products" is selected as Cover Article and VIP Paper by Angew Chem. His paper on "CO2 Photo-reduction: Insights into CO2 Activation on Surfaces of Photocatalysts" is also accepted by Energy Environmental Science. Congrats!

Dr. Zhang's work on "Porous Single-Crystalline Au-Pt Bimetallic Nanocrystals with High Mass Electrocatalytic Activities" is selected as Cover Article by Chem Sci. Congrats!

Peng's work on "Synergistic Cocatalytic Effect of Carbon Nanodots and Co3O4 Nanoclusters for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation on Hematite" is highlighted by Chemistry Views.

Zhibin's work on "Highly-oriented Fe2O3/ZnFe2O4 Nanocolumnar Heterojunction with Improved Charge Separation for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation" is selected as the Cover Story by Chem. Commun. Congrats!

March, 2016 
Peng's work on "Synergistic Cocatalytic Effect of Carbon Nanodots and Co3O 4 Nanoclusters for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation on Hematite" is selected as Cover Article by Angew Chem. Congrats! 

Janunary, 2016 
Welcome Asso. Prof. Rentao Mu to join our lab! Dr. Mu's research interests include the molecular-level understanding of correlation between the structure and catalytic performance in heterogeneous catalysis, by employing surface science techniques and in-situ characterizations. Feel free to talk to Dr. Mu about his research experience. 

Ang's work on "Spatial Separation of Oxidation and Reduction Co-catalysts for Efficient Charge Separation: Pt@TiO2@MnOx Hollow Spheres for Photocatalytic Reactions" is highlighted by both Materials Views (Wiley) and Chemical & Engineering News (ACS). Congrats, Ang!

December, 2015 

Our lab has moved to the new campus - the Peiyang Park Campus, which is located in the Tianjin Haihe Education Park in Jinnan District of Tianjin. The campus covers an area of 3,750 mu (2.5 million square meters) with numerous buildings designed by domestically renowned architects. Many of the landmark buildings such as the main building, library, Student Activity Center, and gymnasium gained popularity among faculty and students. Welcome to the Peiyang Park campus!

Peng and Hongyan's oral defense is scheduled on Thursday, Dec 10, 1:30 pm in the 2nd floor meeting room, Tiannan Building C. 

November, 2015 

Welcome Asso. Prof. Zhijian Zhao to join our lab! Dr. Zhao's research interest is in mechanistic studies on heterogeneous catalyst, and he is willing to share his research experience with our group members. 

Dr. Zhang receives National Postdoc Research Funding (First Class). Congrats!

Dr. Fanxing Li visits our lab and presents his research on "Tailored Transition Metal Oxides for Sustainable Carbonaceous Fuel Conversion". Dr. Li is an Assistant Professor in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at North Carolina State University. He has won numerous awards including the Best PhD in Particle Technology Award, the U.S. National Science Foundation CAREER Award, SABIC Young Professional Award. 

Prof Gong receives NSFC Outstanding Young Investigator Award. Congratulations!

Congratulate Xiaoxia Chang and Di Li on receiving the PhD and Master National Scholarship, respectively! 

September, 2015 
Prof Gong has been appointed as an associate editor of Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering. The Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering is the official journal of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China with the aim to develop the international exchange of scientific and technical information in the field of chemical engineering.

July, 2015 

Dr. Lei Zhang's paper on "Platinum-based nanocages with subnanometer-thick walls and well-defined, controllable facets" is published by Science. Congratulations!

Professor Gong has been appointed as an editorial board member of Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers publishes original works, from fundamental principles to practical applications, in the broad field of chemical engineering with special focus on chemical and biomolecular science and technology, energy and environmental science and technology, and materials science and technology.

Peng's paper on "Mechanistic Understanding of the Plasmonic Enhancement for Solar Water Splitting"  is accepted by Advanced Materials. Congrats, Peng!

June, 2015 
Professor Gong has been appointed as editorial board member for Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical publishes full papers that are original, rigorous, and scholarly contributions examining the molecular and atomic aspects of catalytic activation and reaction mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis (including supported organometallic catalysis) and computational catalysis.

Xiaoxia's paper on  "On the Origin of Enhanced Surface Reaction Kinetics and Charge Separation for p-n Hheterojunction on Co3O4/BiVO4 Photoanodes" is accepted by JACS. Congrats, Xiaoxia!

April, 2015 
Peng is elected to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in June 28-July 3. Congrats, Peng!

Chengcheng's work on  "Transparent ALD-grown Ta2O5 Protective Layer for Highly Stable ZnO Photoelectrode in Solar Water Splitting" is selected as Inside Front Cover Article by Chem. Comm. Congrats, Chengcheng!

Ang's Paper on "Gold Nanorod@TiO2 Yolk-shell Nanostructures for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol"  is featured as Front Cover Article in Small. Congrats, Ang!

March, 2015 
Postdoc position available in the area of energy and environmental catalysis, including methane activation, CO2 hydrogenation, hydrogen production and storage. Please contact Dr. Zeng via or 022-27402774.

December, 2014 
Professor Gong's contribution in chemistry is highlighted by Nature. "Jinlong Gong from the school of chemical engineering and technology is the largest contributor in chemistry, with seven articles (WFC = 4.8) — including one in Nature Communications — on nanomaterials."

November, 2014 
Mr. Peng Zhang receives the Student Nobel Prize of Tianjin University. Peng is a fifth year PhD candidate from our lab and has published 18 SCI papers. Congrats!

October, 2014
Professor Gong wins the Hou Debang Chemical Engineering Science and Technology Award of Innovation on September 23rd at the 2014 Annual Meeting of CIESC. The Hou Debang Chemical Engineering S&T Award dedicates to the memory of Mr Hou Debang for his whole life contribution to chemical industry and chemical engineering career development.  Professor Gong is the youngest winner of this award. 

February, 2012 
Our recent work on low-temperature steam reforming of ethanol to produce CO-free hydrogen has been highlighted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Blog as a "Hot Article": "Superior Ni-based catalysts for CO-free hydrogen production.

January, 2012 
Professor Gong has been elected into the Advisory Editorial Board for Chemical Society Reviews, effective on January 1, 2012 .

June, 2011  
Our recent work on hydrogenation of carbon dioxide has been selected as the front cover of this month Chemical Society Reviews issue and highlighted in Chemical Society Reviews Blog: "Converting carbon dioxide into useful chemicals.

April, 2011  
Our recent work on capture of carbon dioxide has been selected as the front cover of this month Energy & Environmental Science issue.