Cover Story: Healing effect of ozone treatment for excessive surface oxygen vacancies

During photoelectrochemical water oxidation reaction process, excessive surface oxygen vacancies always trap the photogenerated holes and the surface recombination will be aggravated. We developed an ozone treatment method that could effectively heal surface oxygen vacancies and suppress the recombination of electron-hole pairs on the surface of two-dimensional WO3 nanoflakes. The ozone treatment method can oxidize […]

Zhiqi’s Paper is Selected as Cover Article on JACS

Zhiqi’s paper on “Synthesis of Platinum Nanotubes and Nanorings via Simultaneous Metal Alloying and Etching“ is selected as Cover Article by JACS. His paper on “Collapsed Polymer-directed Synthesis of Multicomponent Coaxial-like Nanostructures“ is also accepted by Nature Commun. Congrats!

Two Cover Stories by Xiaoxia

Xiaoxia’s paper on “Stable Aqueous Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction by Cu2O Dark Cathode with Improved Selectivity for Carbonaceous Products“ is selected as Cover Article and VIP Paper by Angew Chem. His paper on “CO2 Photo-reduction: Insights into CO2 Activation on Surfaces of Photocatalysts” is also accepted by Energy Environmental Science. Congrats!

Ang’s work on is highlighted by both Materials Views (Wiley) and Chemical & Engineering News (ACS)

Ang’s work on “Spatial Separation of Oxidation and Reduction Co-catalysts for Efficient Charge Separation: Pt@TiO2@MnOx Hollow Spheres for Photocatalytic Reactions” is highlighted by both Materials Views (Wiley) and Chemical & Engineering News (ACS). Congrats, Ang!