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Six Graduate Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!!

Wenjin, Yihe, Piaoping, Chuanye, Li Kang and Sier passed their dissertation defense. Congrats!

List of the thesis titles:

Wenjin: Metal Nanocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction
Yihe: Controllable Synthesis of High Atom Efficiency Pt-based Catalysts and their High Electrochemical Activity for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Piaoping: Density Functional Theory Investigation of Structure-Performance Relationships of Metal anf Metal oxide catalysts for CO2 reduction
Chuanye: Model design of Vanadium oxide catalysts based on density function theory
Li Kang: Preparation of Highly Efficient Ni/La2O3 Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane and Reaction Mechanism Study
Sier: Study on Performance and Mechanism of Adsorption-enhanced Steam Reforming Multifunctional Catalyst

All the best to all of them!