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Our paper on copper films for CO2 electroreduction has been featured on Catalysis!!

Tuning the facet exposure of Cu could promote the multi-carbon (C2+) products formation in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. Here we report the design and realization of a dynamic deposition-etch-bombardment method for Cu(100) facets control without using capping agents and polymer binders. The synthesized Cu(100)-rich films lead to a high Faradaic efficiency of 86.5% and a full-cell electricity conversion efficiency of 36.5% towards C2+ products in a flow cell. By further scaling up the electrode into a 25 cm2 membrane electrode assembly system, the overall current can ramp up to 12 A while achieving a single-pass yield of 13.2% for C2+ products. An insight into the influence of Cu facets exposure on intermediates is provided by in situ spectroscopic methods supported by theoretical calculations. The collected information will enable the precise design of CO2 reduction reactions to obtain desired products, a step towards future industrial CO2 refineries.

Gong Zhang, Zhi-Jian Zhao, Dongfang Cheng, Huimin Li, Jia Yu, Qingzhen Wang, Hui Gao, Jinyu Guo, Huaiyuan Wang, Geoffrey A. Ozin, Tuo Wang*, and Jinlong Gong*, “Efficient CO2 Electroreduction on Facet-selective Copper Films with High Conversion Rate,” Nature Commun. 2021, 12, 5745.

Featured on Catalysis: ” Efficient CO2 Electroreduction on Facet-selective Copper Films with High Conversion Rate ” October 19, 2021.