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Postdoc positions are available

in the group of Professor Jinlong Gong

The Energy & Catalysis Adventure Team (ECAT) aims to educate excellent engineers and scientists. Our team focuses on fundamental and applied research in the field of new energy chemical engineering, concentrating on industrial catalysis, chip chemical engineering, new energy, hydrogen energy, and artificial intelligence. Using a parallel approach of experimentation and theory, we conduct research on topics such as propane dehydrogenation, photocatalytic water splitting, thermal/electro-catalytic CO2 reduction, battery energy storage, and plastic resource utilization. Currently, we are involved in national key R&D projects, National Distinguished Youth Fund, National Excellent Youth Fund, Key Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, international cooperation projects, and industry-university-research cooperation projects. For more information, please visit our website:

Welcome young talents who are interested in making contributions in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis, surface chemistry, and chemical reaction engineering to joinus.

Position Postings:

1.  Artificial Intelligence and Computation (1-2 positions)

1)  Proficiency in applying artificial intelligence methods for material development and utilizing computational simulation methods such as first-principles calculations to analyze catalytic mechanisms.

2)   Ph.D. candidates with research backgrounds in catalysis or related fields are preferred. 

2.  Industrial Catalysis (3 positions)

1)   Experience in the preparation, (in-situ) characterization of heterogeneous catalysts, or catalyst shaping and engineering; solid background in catalysis research.

2)   Ph.D. candidates with experience in alkane conversion, solid waste utilization, or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation are preferred. 

3)   The location for catalytic engineering work can be selected at Zhejiang Institute of Tianjin University

3.  Electrocatalysis (2 positions)

1)   Experience in electrochemistry, organic catalysis, characterization of electrocatalytic mechanisms (such as in-situ infrared, in-situ Raman, differential electrochemical mass spectrometry, scanning electrochemical microscopy), and related research.

2)   Experience in reactor design, automation control, and the ability to scale up electrocatalytic reactors are preferred. 


1.   Hold or be about to obtain a doctoral degree, physically and mentally healthy, aged not more than 35 years old;

2.    Possess independent research ability, aspire to technological innovation and interdisciplinary research, and be willing to explore and undertake challenging tasks;

3.   Strong sense of responsibility, eager to learn and progress, pursue excellence, possess craftsmanship spirit, and team spirit;

4.  Strong English listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, with at least one high-quality paper published as the first author in the relevant disciplines mentioned above. 


Salary and Benefits:

1.   Salary, insurance, etc., are in accordance with the national and Tianjin University's postdoctoral management regulations. The annual pre-tax salary is 300,000+ RMB (including various government subsidies), and performance distribution may be considered based on internal team circumstances; postdoctoral researchers at Zhejiang Research Institute will enjoy relevant benefits as stipulated;

2.   Tianjin University provides superior conditions for public rental housing and other supporting facilities, including postdoctoral apartments and children's enrollment. For specific policies, please consult the Postdoctoral Office of Tianjin University's Personnel Department;

3.  The research group provides sufficient research funds and complete equipment and experimental conditions, and assists in applying for various national natural science funds, postdoctoral funds, etc. (six individuals have successfully applied for national-level fund projects).

Application Procedure:

 If you are interested in this opportunity, please email the following application materials:

1.   Personal resume (including a list of academic achievements);

2.   Statement of research interests, postdoctoral research plan, and future career plans;

3.   Brief introduction of doctoral thesis of no more than 1 page and other relevant electronic documents proving research capabilities. 


Send to:, please indicate “Name + Application Position + University + Major” in the title. Applicants who pass the initial screening will be notified for an interview. This recruitment is valid for a long term.


We warmly welcome individuals who are interested in scientific research to join us!