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Ten Graduate Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!!

Shujie Wang, Wanyu Deng, Shuai Wang, XIwen Song, Chenggong Jiang, Yan Wang, Shiyu Zhen, Xinyan Wang, Hongbo Song, Xiaohe Liu passed their thesis defense today. Congratulations!

Doctoral students

List of the thesis titles:

Shujie Wang: Coupling law and mechanism of anode and cathode in unbiased solar water decomposition system

Wanyu Deng: Catalyst design and mechanistic investigations on electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO and formate

Shuai Wang: Design and mechanism investigations of acetylene semi hydrogenation catalyst based on sodalite encapsulation structure

Master students

List of the thesis titles:

Xiwen Song: Mechanistic Investigations on the Role of Surface Hydroxyl for CO2 Hydrogenation

Chenggong Jiang: Theoretical study on the structure-activity relationship of transition metal oxide surface lattice oxygen in alkane dehydrogenation

Yan Wang: Mechanism of Pentacoordinate Al Sites Anchoring Effects for Propane Dehydrogenation

Shiyu Zhen: Theoretical study on copper based catalyst for electro catalytic CO2 reduction based on density functional theory

Xinyan Wang: Amplification of silicon-based hydrogen electrode based on atomic layer deposition

Hongbo Song: Kinetics of chemical chain propane dehydrogenation of vanadium iron based oxides

Xiaohe Liu: Design of sintering resistant Pt based alloy catalyst and performance for propane dehydrogenation

All the best to all of them!