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A Friendly Football Competition Between Ma’s Group and Gonglab!

On May 16, 2021, Ma’s group (C1 Chemistry & Technology Laboratory) and Gonglab (Energy & Catalysis Adventure Team) held a football match.

Two teachers, Sheng Zhang of Ma’s group and Peng Zhang of Gonglab, took part in the friendly competition.

Students of Gonglab who participated in the match were listed as follows.

The first row, Xiwen Song, Shuai Wang, Ran Luo, Bin Liu.

The second row, Bo Wu, Xianghong Li, Yang Wu, Hao Dong, Shujie Wang.

The third row, Xianhui Wang, Xiaohe Liu, Chengjie Zhao, Jian Qin.

Finally, Gonglab won the game. But everyone was as happy as a lark!

Looking forward to the next game!