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Four Master Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!

Yifan Liu, Lanxin Guo, Yuxuan Liu and Jie Du passed their thesis defense today. Congrats!

List of the thesis titles:

Yifan Liu: In-Situ Coupling Characterization of Geldart Class A Particles in a High Temperature Micro-Fluidized Bed.

Lanxin Guo: Mechanism Exploration and Control Strategies of Non-Ideal Growth of Thin Films in High-Capacity Atomic Layer Deposition.

Yuxuan Liu: Numerical Simulation Analysis of Catalyst Particle Spray Impregnation Process Inside the Drum.

Jie Du: Study on the Preparation of Cu-based Bimetallic Catalysts Induced by Gas Atmosphere and Their Performance in CO2 Electroreduction.