About US

      Welcome to the homepage of the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. We are a diverse group of people with backgrounds in engineering and chemistry, aiming at providing solutions for the new energy strategy of the world. Our group primarily uses experimental tools, occasionally coupled with theoretical calculations, to quantitatively characterize problems and to explore new research directions. Whenever possible, we actively collaborate with industry and scientists and engineers from many disciplines.
With this perspective, we actively study problems involving catalytic hydrogen production (e.g., steaming reforming of hydrocarbons and alcohols, the water-gas shift reaction, and water splitting), CO2 conversion, and NOx reduction, to name just a few. Effective catalysts for these reactions are typically highly dispersed metals (Au, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ni) supported on certain oxides. We correlate structure-activity relationship in these systems by rational design, synthesis, characterization, and test of catalytic nanomaterials.
We enjoy challenges and collaborations. Feel free to visit us, either in person or on the web.